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Two temples in the Gingee Fort

I shared this photo in my last post – do you see a temple tower on the top right?
Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu
That is the stunning Venkatramana Temple inside the Gingee Fort. I never imagined I’d use the word eerie for a temple, but I really cannot think of another word to describe it. It was built by a Nayak king in the 16th century, but is now dilapidated and not in use even for worship. When we went, free food was being distributed outside the temple, but there were very few people, and inside, there was hardly anyone. It probably looks a lot more cheerful when it is sunny, but in the rain, it was very dramatic and super gorgeous despite the decay. It was raining pretty heavily by now, so those strange circles you see in some pictures are raindrops on my lens!Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu
Now the next temple – I don’t remember for sure, and am unable to confirm looking at my photos, but I think this tiny temple by a pond is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. Isn’t it charming?
Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu
Check out my earlier posts part 1 and part 2 for more about the fort and how to get there.


Edited to add this warning: This was on a rainy day – on a regular day, the place gets ridiculously hot – don’t get misled by the mist in these photos 😀

Gingee – The Fort

Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu
The Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji, is believed to have considered the fort of Gingee (also called Senji or Chenji) India’s most impregnable fort. And yet, the fort has apparently been occupied by most dynasties that ruled the region, like the Cholas (who built it), the Nayaks, the Vijayanagara empire, the Marathas, the Mughals, many others in between and finally the British.
Located about 160 kms from Chennai, the fort is built on three hillocks – Krishnagiri, Rajagiri and Chandrayandurg. When you drive into the fort area, it is easy to see how hard it must have been for an enemy army to invade while being attacked from 3 hills simultaneously. Since it was raining pretty heavily when we got there, we could only do one hill, Rajagiri, and did not even climb too far up. A friend said he climbed all three on one day and couldn’t even feel his legs by the time he was done!


The Archaeological Survey of India keeps the Gingee Fort really clean. The Rajagiri hillock has an assortment of structures like temples, stables, granaries, tanks and pavilions. Let me now show you some pictures from the hill – mostly from around the base. What would have otherwise been just another (very beautiful) fort, was transformed into a mysterious wonderland by the clouds, the rain and the mist.
Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu
Gingee Fort, Tamil NaduGingee Fort, Tamil NaduGingee Fort, Tamil NaduGingee Fort, Tamil NaduGingee Fort, Tamil NaduGingee Fort, Tamil Nadu

Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu

After spending some time walking about the ruins, we went to a couple of temples at the foot of the Rajagiri hill before beginning the drive back to Chennai. I’ll show you those in the next post 🙂 

If you happen to be in Chennai and have a day to spare, definitely visit Gingee. The road is pretty great most of the way, but traffic can get rough – we saw a very gruesome accident on the way back 🙁 Gingee is stunning in the rains, but slippery roads obviously make the drive riskier, so that’s a factor you must consider. You might want to carry snacks and water with you – there are no shops around the fort. There is a lot of vegetation all around the fort, so it is a nice place for birdwatching too.
Gingee Fort, Tamil Nadu
A lily pond on the way to Gingee

A Drive To Gingee In The Rain

It’s been sooooo long since I posted anything on either of my blogs. When the new year began, I honestly meant to post regularly, but between sheer laziness and other projects that took up my time, I never got around to it.


Gingee is a beautiful fort about a hundred miles from Chennai, and I visited it in February. The day before we went, Ashwin, who’s been there many times, kept warning me that it would be really really hot. But when we woke up in the morning, it was drizzling! And then it rained all the way to Gingee and back, right through the day! Such good luck!


I thoroughly enjoyed the drive, and we stopped every now and then to take photos – some through the windshield too. So how about I make this post about the drive and the next one about the beautiful fort?
Now that we are well and truly into summer, even looking at these pictures is making me all wistful 🙁
This was how misty the fort looked when we got there!
My first owl spotting on the way back. A Spotted Owlet.