Afghan Church, Mumbai

The first time I heard about the Afghan Church was when I saw this picture on Ashwin’s Flickr stream, and on my recent visit to Mumbai, I went to check it out. The beautiful basalt and limestone church in Colaba is actually the Church of St John the Evangelist, but it is locally called the Afghan Church, because it was built in the memory of the soldiers of the British army, including members of many Indian regiments, who died in the First Afghan War fought against Afghanistan from 1839 to 1842. The church has a spire that is almost 200 feet high, because the government granted land for its construction on the condition that it must be the tallest structure in the area, and the spire must be visible clearly even to the ships at sea. The exquisite stained glass work on the windows depicting scenes from the Bible came all the way from England, and the tall pillars and imposing arches came from Iran.


The highlight of the church would definitely have to be the gorgeous shafts of light streaming in through the stained glass panels! I first went to the church on a weekday, but it was closed. They did let me walk around the grounds and take photos of the exterior, but I had to visit again on a Sunday to go inside.
Afghan Church, Colaba, Mumbai
Afghan Church, Colaba, Mumbai - Gothic details
Afghan Church, Colaba, MumbaiAfghan Church, Colaba, Mumbai Grooves for soldiers to rest their riflesAfghan Church, Colaba, Mumbai
Afghan Church, Colaba, Mumbai
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