February 2018

Hello! My resolution for 2018 is to get fitter, both physically and mentally, and I’m posting monthly updates here. It’s time for my February updates. Here’s what I’ve added to my list of practices that I started in January:
1. The BEST thing first : I resumed music classes after MANY MANY YEARS! As I mentioned in this post long ago, I used to learn Carnatic singing as a child. Something about 2018 motivated me to get back in touch with my guru and start singing again! I used to learn in person from him back then, but now he teaches me on skype haha! I’m so glad I took the plunge, it’s been great for me – even a short practice session magically uplifts my mood.
2. I’m drinking herbal tea regularly. The funny thing is, I didn’t start doing this for the health benefits, but to work through my gigantic stash of teas! (People, stop buying me tea! Seriously!) I’m doing something interesting I learned from someone’s instagram –  adding a tiny pinch of salt and pepper to the tea, instead of something sweet. I know it sounds weird, but it tastes very nice, you should try it.
3. I’ve started getting my hands dirty again after a long hiatus from gardening. It really calms me like nothing else. Different things work for different people, but if you frequently feel stressed or anxious, it is definitely worth giving gardening a try.
That’s it for February! Being able to move forward on one’s resolutions is a privilege, and I’m very grateful for it.

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