About Me

Hi, I’m Madhumita! Most people call me Madhu. I’m usually either in Chennai or in Hyderabad.
I love photography, history, travel, old buildings, plants, food and long drives. This blog is called All Mix Fruit Juice because it has a little of all of these things 🙂 I am passionate about photo-documenting culture and architecture. I find any place with a history fascinating, but my favourite is the city I call home – Hyderabad (I have another blog all about Hyderabad).
All the text and photographs on this blog are mine, unless I specifically mention otherwise. Please do not use any of my photographs and text in any form without explicit written permission from me.
I love photographing and writing about heritage and culture. I’ve written for online and offline publications, and scripted several guided tours as well. If you’d like to work with me on an interesting writing/photography project or purchase my images, do get in touch. For all feedback, suggestions, enquiries, collaborations, etc, please write to me at madhugopalan at gmail dot com 🙂